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Dolomite - A True Story

Dolomite has over a century of experience in developing and producing the best outdoor footwear and apparel. Our roots are in the Dolomite mountains and, together with our Italian design and style, they inspire our brand and products. We have a passion for the mountains, the outdoors and lifestyle.

Dolomite Mountain

The Dolomites and italian beauty

The majesty of the Dolomites and their unique, unspoilt peaks; priceless artistic works of sublime beauty; a succession of diverse landscapes from the Alps to the sea, enveloped in enchanting colours. This is our land and our culture, the only sources of inspiration for our collections.

Dolomite 1897

The Dolomite shoe factory began operating in 1897. Giuseppe Garbuio, who was only 17 years old at the time,opened the Fabbrica Scarpe Montello store.

Dolomite 1954

In 1954, when an Italian expedition set out to conquer K2 in the Himalayas - one of the most dangerous peaks in the world - they were equipped with Dolomite boots.

Dolomite 1960

In 1960 a Swiss expedition conquered Dhaulagiri, the White Mountain, the seventh highest peak in the world.

Dolomite 1966

In 1966 the Italian Alpine Club of Carate Brianza and Gruppo Ragni of Lecco reached the 71° Parallel North in Greenland.

Dolomite 1976

These major expeditions gave the brand international visibility and other important expeditions followed.
It is to these extraordinary traditions that Dolomite owes its unique knowledge and experience, which you still find today in our collections.

The Art of Shoemaking

With over a century of history in manufacturing and designing footwear for the mountains and for the great expeditions that left their mark on the history of mountaineering, we have acquired a unique wealth of knowledge, which we apply with experience and determination to develop innovation and new technology.

Art of Shoemaking
Shoemaking 01 Shoemaking 02 Shoemaking 03 Shoemaking 04

Our Mission

A combination of quality, comfort, performance and Italian style is what makes our products iconic. Our DNA and roots are deeply embedded in the shoemaking craft and apparel and are inspired by the Dolomites. Consumers experience the beauty and style of Italian design, without compromising on product quality and performance.

Dolomite Mission

Our World

Dolomite products are designed for people who expect high quality, comfort and performance and have a passion and taste for Italian design and lifestyle.

Dolomite World

Our Values

A TRUE STORY of more than one century of great expeditions to the highest peaks of the world and TRUE PEOPLE determine our AUTHENTICITY, commitment and RELIABILITY.

Dolomite Values

True Stories True People

Rock-climbers, mountaineers, photographers and travellers who talk to us about themselves through experiences and images, through their discoveries and the challenges of great adventures as well as those of day-to-day life.

True Stories True People

Want to get some more spirit?

True People True Stories