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A new way through Himalaya with Dolomite

Oscar Piazza, Massimiliano Zortea and Angelo Giovanetti left a sign in history climbing the north wall of Ganchempo,  Nepal

Nature never stops to astonish, and so mountain is always able to reveal new facets. On april/may 2010 three Italian guides opened a new way on the north wall of Ganchempo, Langtang Vally, Himalaya. On their feet Cougar Pro Gtx, at their side Dolomite.

On April the 24th Oscar Piazza, Massimiliano Zortea and Angelo Giovanetti left Milano. On May the 30th they started their adventure from Sryabrubesi (1460 mt.) reaching at first Lama Hotel at 2470 mt and then Langtang (3430 m) on May the 1st and Kyanjingompa (3870 m) on May the 2nd.

After some days of naturalization and bed weather, on May the 8th our three mountaineers  reached the Ganchenpo Base Camp, 5.070 mt, while the following day they faced the first climb of the glacier: it was snowing very fast!

Adrenalin and passion for mountain help you to go on even in difficulties. Perseverance, enthusiasm, obstinacy, trainig and professional equipment: this is what is necessary.

On May the 11th Piazza, Zortea and Giovanetti reached the Advanced Camp (5.500 mt) and after a nigh on height they climbed and went back down the Ganchenpo North Wall with a 15 hours no stop hiking.

A unique emotion for them and Dolomite too that signed this important goal. On May the 13th the return to the Advanced Camp and the rest to the Base Camp. The tiredness is high….but the satisfaction too!

Congratulations to Oscar, Angelo and Massimiliano from all Dolomite staff.

Oscar Piazza, Massimiliano Zortea e Angelo Giovanetti