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Roberto Lorenzani celebrates 10 years with Dolomite

Challenges, adventures… for over a century, Dolomite has been supporting professional climbers and skiers in their feats, hitting the heights of success in their sport and mountaineering ventures. And for the past ten years, Roberto Lorenzani has been leading Dolomite around the world, guiding us through nature's magical secrets and offering us breathtaking sensations.


For over twenty years, Roberto Lorenzani has taken part in and organised numerous expeditions, travelling all over the planet. Let's take a look back together over his travels with Dolomite!

Cordillera del Condor - northern Peru

It all began in the last three months of 2001, when the Italian exploration group from the EOS research and study centre, to which Lorenzani belonged, reached one of the most famous lakes in the Andes, a place sacred in the local shamanic tradition: the “Inca Rey” lagoon. Before embarking on this unique trip, they followed the correct ritual preparations, which offered an opportunity for a true and profound meeting of different cultures, based on respect and humility, the essential ingredients in understanding ideas so distant from our own.

A challenging excursion, made even more difficult by the clouds, rain and bare rock peaks, but none of this prevented Lorenzani from reaching his destination, 4,000 metres above sea level.

Agulhas National Park - South Africa

In 2003 Lorenzani was called to organise the G4 LAND ROVER CHALLENGE. The event involved some really tough resistance tests across four continents: from driving the off-road vehicles to climbing vertical cliff faces, finding their way with compasses and GPS, experiencing the thrill of kayaking and the adventure of mountain bike riding. A series of travels that took Roberto from country to country, dealing with all the different aspects of the situations that arose.

2003 was a year incredibly rich in travels: with the G4 LAND ROVER CHALLENGE we vicariously experienced the journey from South Africa to Australia, then on to Utah in the Western USA.


The Agulhas National Park is a protected area located at the southernmost tip of Africa, covering the coastal region around Cape Agulhas, in the Western Cape province. Perched between the Indian and Atlantic oceans, the sea off the cape is often rough, forming rogue waves up to 30 metres high. On the same expedition, Lorenzani ventured inland, into the arid region of Karoo, which in the local Khoisan language means “land of thirst”. Roberto visited the Klein Karoo in the southern part of the region, where, between the savanna and the veldt, he led us to discover a splendid valley, hidden among the mountains.

Karijini National Park - Australia

The G4 LAND ROVER CHALLENGE continued, and on its third leg it took us to the region of Pilbara, in Western Australia, inside the country's second largest national park. The area boasts enviable flora and fauna: gorges, waterfalls, little lakes, and in their midst, splendid specimens of red kangaroos, monitor lizards, geckos, and numerous species of birds and snakes. A land with a huge variety of intrinsic characteristics, making a real adventure of Lorenzani's journey!

Arches and Canyonlands National Parks - Utah

The 4th leg of the G4 LAND ROVER CHALLENGE involves an expedition taking in two different parks in Utah, located in the western region of the Rocky mountains. From the over 200 natural sandstone arches of the Arches National Park to the largest and wildest of the national parks, Canyonlands, with its needles, pinnacles, craters and plateaux, offering innumerable different kinds of landscape, each formed by the erosion of the Colorado river: 1,365 Km² of geological formations, and no two are the same!

Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and Saguaro National Park – Arizona

The icon of the western States, Monument Valley is unmistakable with its magnificent plateau, scattered with buttes, veritable flat-topped natural edifices formed of rock and sand. The valley is home to a hundred or so Navajos, the Native American tribe that currently forms the largest ethnic group of all the Native Americans.

The high grounds around the Grand Canyon are dotted with large colonies of cacti, which are protected inside the Saguaro National Park.

Haleakala National Park – Hawaii

A succession of spellbinding landscapes rewarded the arduous expeditions of the Italian climber when he ventured as far as the Haleakala volcano, which at 3,055 metres is one of the tallest in the world. A lunar landscape, the bottom apparently devoid of life forms, tall, majestic cones of ash: this is the enchanting Maui crater, in the Hawaiian Archipelago.

The “Seven Summits” project

Roberto Lorenzani's latest challenge is to conquer the tallest peak of each of the seven continents. Four of the peaks in this ambitious project have already been reached!

Mount Kosciuszo (Australia, 2,228 m) in the Snowy Mountains was scaled in 2007, before taking on Kilimanjaro (Africa, 5,895 m) the following year. This extinct volcano is one of the largest in the world, and its peak is covered by a permanent glacier. Also in 2008, Lorenzani made his way to Russia, to Mount Elbrus (5,642 m), Europe's highest peak, again a dormant volcano, hence its gently sloping conical form.

Last December saw the difficult expedition to South America to scale Mount Aconcagua (6,962 m), the gigantic mass of rock that rises over western Argentina, on the border with Chile, reaching the peak on 16 December at 2.40 pm.

The next leg will be Mount McKinley, which at 6,194 metres is the highest peak in North America.


You can follow Lorenzani's latest adventure day by day, by visiting his website