dolomite true stories 2014 dolomite true stories 2014dolomite true stories 2014

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Hoi An. The city of tailors

The bus arrived in an area of flat land for which the word "station" would be an overstatement...
Our backpacks were ready, physically we were unrested...

A day in the steppe

At last we set out for the Mongolian outback: the Gorkhi Terelj reserve. 90,000 hectares of steppe and wild horses...

In the shadow of the Tepui

When we finally touch ground, on a landing strip that is nothing more than a football field, I am overcome by the feeling that I am in a phantom village...

Wolfgang Hell with Dolomite on the new path Evolution

On March 15, 2014 Wolfgang Hell and the climbing friend Pavol Rjacan carried out a first ascent in Val Gardena…

SAILING & CLIMBING – An adventure trip to the Eastcoast of Greenland

Harald Fichtinger (Austria) and Ralph Villiger (Switzerland) sailed up Greenland’s remote east coast in search of virgin climbing spots and encountered breath-taking glaciers, whales, seals, one or two mosquitoes, and much more.....

Ardinskaja, the underground glacier

The entrance to the Ardinskaja cave is deep in the middle of a forest on the side of a small mountain in the southern Urals, between Ufa and Celjabinsk...

Deep under Rapa Nui

For anyone with the travel bug, Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, is one of the most coveted destinations, due to the extreme distance, the enchantment of its volcanoes and coasts, and above all, because of its ancient inhabitants...

The Cordillera de la Sal caves (Atacama, Chile)

Over a year ago, my department decided to present an interdisciplinary research project on the Atacama Desert, one of the most arid areas on the planet. ...

Discovering underground Myanmar

We set out early from our hotel in the town of Kalaw, following a generous breakfast… We climb onto the pick-up truck, adapted with two benches and a PVC covering to keep the sun off, and off we go, with our caving bags, to explore new places...

Hot Spots - The last paradises

My most recent adventure took place in Mexico, on the Yucatan peninsula, and it came about almost by chance. I remember that I was washing the dishes when Federico, a friend and media diver, called me one evening....

Boisun Tau expedition

The expedition “Boisun Tau 2011”, on the border between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, took place from 1 to 20 August 2011, and was organised by the Association of Urals Speleologists. The participants were 19 Russian speleologists and 3 Italian speleologists.

Two friends

What happens when a nature documentary film-maker meets an extreme sport film-maker? A special friendship is born. These true stories tell us how their ways have been crossed. Adventure, emotion and enjoyment and the origin of the Italian nature documentary.

Hard boiled eggs for dinner

Iceland - complete crossing of the Vatnajökull: from the Jökulheimar to the Snæfell via the Grímsvötn.

Searching the lost world... Dinosaur's footprints

Finding footprints of a dinosaur is what every kid dreams about, and the beauty of it is that this is not an impossible wish, especially in the Dolomites. For twenty years now, and especially after the discovery of the tracks at Lavini di Marco

Desire to run

Inside each of us there is an innate desire to explore, to discover intimate places where we can relax, our minds and bodies in perfect harmony with nature, watching a splendid sunset over the sea or the enchantment of the northern lights.

Zanskar, secret Tibet

Michele Dalla Palma leads a group of “aspiring photo-journalists” to discover the subtle, magical atmospheres and impressions of one of the most hidden and remote corners of the globe.

In the footsteps of Savorgnan

A new adventure for Vincenzo Venuto and Missione Natura in the forests and on the coast of Gabon.

Rediscovering the old west

A modern gold rush amid the treasures of the Parks of the western states, in the company of Michele Dalla Palma. This journalist, photographer and professional athlete, with his Dolomites on his feet, takes us to visit some of nature's most extraordinary scenery.


Omo valley, a trip through time

An extraordinary adventure with the writer and photographer Michele Dalla Palma, discovering the tribal populations that live in the largely unknown territories of the far south of Ethiopia, where the desert meets the savannah. Alongside him, Dolomite, the brand that is a symbol for all nature lo...

Lorenzani celebrates 10 years with Dolomite

For the past ten years, Roberto Lorenzani has been leading Dolomite around the world, guiding us through nature's magical secrets and offering us breathtaking sensations.

Mission to Palawan

La Venta's Mission to Palawan: an island in the Philippines that has been attracting explorations since the Eighties. Despite the many expeditions to the area, the trip had a host of surprises in store for us.


Friendship always comes first

Two friends goes to Alaska loooking for pure, free, unconditioned adventure! No schedules, no timetables, no constraints of any kind, free-minded. With a single objective: climbing and moving safely.


Searching for the sloth

The second part of MissioneNatura's trip to Costa Rica was focused on the sloth. At last, Missione Natura looks for an animal that doesn't run away, is easy to film and not dangerous.

Missione Natura to Costa Rica

Cocos is a little island adrift in the Pacific Ocean, where legend has it there are hidden treasures. Setting out from Punta Arenas it takes almost two days to reach the island by sea.

Account of a journey to South Africa

In South Africa and Mozambique, to produce the first three episodes of "Missione Natura" TV show.

The silk road, eastern sensations

Michele Dalla Palma takes us on a journey along the Silk Road. Where past meets present, the photographer and journalist leads us to discover the secrets of a natural environment shaped by history. With him on this adventure back through time is Dolomite.

Alaska, at the ends of the Earth with Dolomite

A self-set challenge, deep in one of the few corners of the world that can still boast a pristine natural environment. This is what Michele Dalla Palma faced together with five travelling companions.

K2, the dream mountain

Michele Dalla Palma, a journalist, photographer and professional athlete, guides us through his most striking memories of his journey to Pakistan.

A journey to the Lofoten Islands

Account of a journey for the TV programme Missione Natura (La7) – November 2010

Annapurna trekking

Franco Gionco describes his expedition to Annapurna.

From Forests to Deserts

The publishing activities of the Association La Venta continue unabated.

Trad climbing, what will the future bring?

The alpinist Manrico Dell’Agnola gives his impressions of the first trad climbing meeting held in Ceresole Reale.

Eight times Yosemite. A journey through the legend

Manrico Dell’Agnola returned in May 2010 to the enchanted Californian valley.

Italian Dream Team to the north mountainside of Everest

Michele Enzio, Silvio “Gnaro” Mondinelli, Abele Blanc, Marco Camandona e Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner were the only, among 400 mountaineers gone up there this spring season, who reached it “by fair means”, without oxygen.

A new way through Himalaya with Dolomite

Oscar Piazza, Massimiliano Zortea and Angelo Giovanetti left a sign in history climbing the north wall of Ganchempo, Nepal.

Seven summits project

Roberto Lorenzani wants to face an ambitous project: reaching the highest peak of each continent.

Dolomite and La Venta Team in the caves of Chiapas, Mexico

A speleological expedition of La Venta team looking for marvellous big caves in the Mexican area of Chiapas.

Anatolia Dreaming

Turkey, Anatolia, a marvellous land where nature, history, people, religions, sea and mountain live together. A true story to discover Cappadocia with Dolomite.

Dolomite explores Patagonia with Manrico Dell’Agnola

Manrico Dell’Agnola, tireless mountaineer, photographer, writer and traveller. Mountain “explorer”, with over a thousand routes to his credit, and Dolomite endorser. We accompany him on a discovery of Patagonia where he went on an expedition in March 2010.

Discovering Patagonia with Dolomite

The Treviso-based company sponsors the glacio-speleological expedition carried out by Associazione La Venta Esplorazioni Geografiche

Alpine Adventure: Hiking from Monte Carlo to Trieste through the Alps

Facing the challenge of the Alps in his sixties. Just a hiker, his traveling companion and a dog. Dolomite was by their side for this ambitious expedition: the Via Alpina in 100 days.