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Michele Dalla Palma

Michele was born in Trento in 1957. A professional downhill skier until 1981, ski instructor, ex National Instructor for the Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI) and AIGAE guide (Italian Association of Naturalistic Guides), he has also been a CAI (Italian Alpine Club) mountaineering and ski touring instructor. One of the first proponents of survival sports in Italy, together with Enzo Maolucci, he currently holds the position of Master Instructor within FISSS (Italian Federation for Experimental and Sporting Survival).


Since the late Seventies he has devoted his time to mountaineering and climbing, organising numerous expeditions all over the world, from the Himalayas to the Andes, from the deserts of Africa to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. Among his greatest exploits: participation in the 1984 climb of Makalu (8481 metres), the world's fifth highest peak; major climbs in the Peruvian Andes and the first climb of the unviolated western face of Mount Pisco; first solo ascent of the northern face of Mount Nun, western Tibet, 7135 metres - this feat gained him one of the very few citations for Italian mountaineers in Stephen Venables' book “Himalaya Alpine-Style: The Most Challenging Routes on the Highest Peaks”.


In 1987, together with Alberto Salza and Enzo Maolucci, he crossed the entire Suguta Valley, a self-sufficient 370-kilometre walk across Africa's Great Rift between Kenya and Ethiopia, an area of desert among the most hostile on the planet.

In 2002 he was one of the leaders of the Overland 6 expedition “L’Anello Azzurro del Mediterraneo” [the blue ring of the Mediterranean], 36,000 km across Europe, Asia and Africa, during which he climbed the highest peaks of the twenty nations visited.

He is a journalist and photographer, and has produced hundreds of reports from every continent; since 1998 he has held the role of Marketing and Publishing Coordinator for the Clementi Editore publishing group, and he is Editor of the magazine TREKKING&Outdoor, one of the most authoritative publications on the Italian market in the field of responsible tourism.


He is a photo-reportage teacher for Nikon School Travel; his photography exhibition “Bracconiere di Emozioni” [poacher of emotions] has already been displayed in Italy's major cities.


Author, producer and presenter of television projects focusing on exploration, adventure and ethnography, he has created numerous documentaries and TV reports, including: “Siberia, la terra addormentata” [Siberia, the sleeping land]; “Alaska, ultima frontiera” [Alaska, the last frontier]; “Dancalia, la Terra del Diavolo” [Danakil, land of the devil], “Nella preistoria coi Surma” [Back to prehistory with the Surma people], “Sulle tracce degli Incas” [On the trail of the Incas].


He produces the television format “Sentieri d’Italia” [Footpaths through Italy], which takes viewers on a journey of discovery around the territories of this country on foot, and is broadcast on satellite by Sky Italia.


He has published: “Montagne del Mediterraneo” [Mountains of the Mediterranean] (photographic, Mondadori 2001), “L’Anello Azzurro del Mediterraneo” [The blue ring of the Mediterranean] (photographic, Cipra 2002), “-50°+70° La grande Spedizione” [-50°+70° The great expedition] (Biblioteca dell’Immagine, 2003), “Uomini e montagne” [Men and mountains] (photographic, Input 2008), “Trekking, scoprire il mondo a piedi” [Trekking: discover the world on foot] (Hoepli, 2009), “Camminare d’inverno con le ciaspole” [Winter walking with snowshoes] (with Cesare Re, Hoepli, 2009), “Outdoor, pensare, agire, sopravvivere” [Outdoor pursuits: think, act, survive] (with Enzo Maolucci and Alberto Salza, Hoepli, 2010).