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Manrico Dell'Agnola

Manrico Dell’Agnola was born in Agordo, Belluno, in 1959.

At the age of 12 he climbed his first peak, the Agner, although his parents prevented him from climbing again until the age of 20. After numerous repeat climbs (he has ascended almost one thousand routes) including many first and around 30 new routes, he has specialised in fast climbing, both roped up and solo, climbing several routes in a few hours.

He began solo climbing after just one year of mountaineering with the absolute first repeat climb, as well as solo, of the via della Libertà route over the southern rock overhangs of the Torre Venezia in Civetta, Dolomites.

Followed, again solo and unroped, by:

the 5 classic routes of Torre Venezia (Civetta), Tissi, Andrich, Ratti, Livanos and Castiglioni, in just 6 hours;

Philipp-Flamm route on the northwest face (Civetta), 2 hours and 40 minutes;

Simon-Rossi route on the northern face of the Pelmo and the Solleder-Lettenbauer route on the northwest face of the Civetta in a total of 11 hours with treks, by foot and on mountain bike.


Roped with Alcide Prati he has climbed:

Cassin e Carlesso route on the Torre Trieste (Civetta) in 7 hours;

Comici alla Grande, Cassin alla Ovest and Spigolo Giallo routes (three Lavaredo peaks, Dolomites) in 8 hours;

Philipp-Flamm and Solleder-Lettenbauer routes on the northwest face (Civetta ) in 17 hours;

Viddesot-Rudatis-Rittler, spigolo della Busazza (Civetta) and Gilberti routes, spigolo dell'Agner in 12 hours.


Manrico has also climbed the El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, California, 7 times: Nose, Triple Direct and Salathè routes. The Salathè route was covered in a single day with Ivano Zanetti; in ‘99 he climbed instead in 4 days the Zodiac route, grade VIII and A4, and in 2008 Tangerine Trip, Mescalito and East Buttress.

He took part in an expedition to the Meru mountain in the Himalayas and 3 expeditions in Argentina and Chile Patagonia; he has also been in Africa, southern India, Canada, Pakistan, Thailand, Mexico, Peru, Morocco, Norway and Britain.

In 1997, on Baffin island (Canadian Arctic Archipelago), he ascended 4 virgin peaks with some friends and his wife Antonella and in 1998 he climbed two new routes (800m and 1100m respectively) with difficulty up to the lower grade VIII on virgin peaks. A film was made during this ascent.


In the spring of the year 2000, with his wife and two other mountaineers, he crossed Greenland independently from east to west, 650 km, in 32 days of walking with temperatures below minus 35 degrees. At the end of 2002 he performed an important partial crossing from north to south of the Hielo Patagonico Sur in 39 days.

In the spring of 2004, with Mario Manica, Giorgio Meneghetti and Antonella, he opened up a new route on the Tepui Acopàn, Gran Sabana Venezuelana.


Manrico Dell'Agnola today lives in Mel, at the foot of the Dolomites in the Belluno area, and works as a photographer and creative in advertising. He also works with magazines and firms in the industry and outside, and contributes with photos and writing to mountain guides and other books. He is a fellow of the CAAI and member of the GISM (Italian group of mountain writers). In October 2002 he presented “Uomini fuori posto” published by Rocciaviva, his first autobiographical work which gained considerable acclaim. Manrico is also the author of 7 calendars and is currently working on his second book, “I deserti della mente”, an introspective work which tells of a series of lengthy experiences both vertical and horizontal. For three years he was editor of the prestigious magazine of the Club Alpino Accademico.