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Vidi and dell’Agnola new Mountain Blogger on

Mountains, safety, mountaineering and photography: Piergiorgio Vidi and Manrico dell’Agnola, testimonials Dolomite, new Mountain Blogger on greets today two new bloggers: Piergiorgio Vidiand Manrico dell’Agnola,alpine guide instructor, ski instructor and national alpine rescue instructor the first, expert mountaineer with over a thousand routes to his credit, photographer and traveller the second.

Dolomite testimonials. Two different people who have in common love and passion for the mountain.

Piergiorgio’s blog, Safety on Mountain,  wants to be an open window on safety on mountain problematic, a place to find infos, advices and to share opinions.

Manrico’s blog Mountaineering and Photography wants to be, as he says, “a place to talk about mountains, telling old and new histories, travels, experiences, small and big events…”

With the starting of this new adventure Piergiorgio and Manrico will be for sure very glad to share their great experiences with all the users, who also have the chance to see the new Dolomite collection on the “action shop” section of the website.


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