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From Forests to Deserts

The publishing activities of the Association "La Venta" continue unabated.

Finally, after a long gestation period, “From Forests to Deserts – a journey in the caves of Mexico” has been released.

This book, 156 pages presented in a 22 x 22 cm format, is a compendium of two decades of cave exploration of La Venta in the states of Chiapas, Chihuahua, Oaxaca, Coahuila and Yucatan.

The first chapter, written by Carlos Lazcano, presents the main karstic areas and underground systems of Mexico.

The second chapter narrates, chronologically, the exploration activities of the association since the early 90ies.

The three subsequent chapters are devoted to the three main projects: Rio La Venta (Chiapas), Rio Juquila (Oaxaca) and Cuatro Cienegas (Coahuila). The book is rich with images and contains the maps of the main caves explored.

“From Forests to Deserts” published in three languages (English, Italian, Spanish), is available online at