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Dolomite teams with Alpine Rescue to promote safety in the mountains

Dolomite is always first in line to honor and support mountaineering fans and to lend a helping hand. The historical outdoor brand has extended its 2009 partnership with Italy's national alpine and cave rescue corps (CNSAS) until 2012.

Under this agreement, Dolomite supplies the hiking boots used by alpine rescue personnel and experts from the national school for mountain rescue technicians (SNATE).

Dolomite is an iconic name in outdoor sports. For over a century, the Montebelluna-based brand has been writing history with gear that challenges the highest mountains and the most inaccessible peaks. Dolomite is a constant companion to professional climbers and skiers who have achieved the greatest triumphs in their field, like the conquest of K2 (in 1954 with Lacedelli and Compagnoni) or victories in the World Ski Cup.

The partnership with CNSAS aims to promote safety on the mountain and to support this dedicated, hard working organization. Dolomite provides high-quality footwear suitable for professionals who require top performance. The efforts of guides, alpine rescue workers and Dolomite aim to inform outdoor enthusiasts and to provide the best possible conditions for enjoying a safe and pleasurable excursion among the peaks.

Comments sales manager Aldo Felici, “Seeing a pair of Dolomites on a professional mountain worker speaks of the exceptional quality of our gear, which has been tested and selected from among the best available on the market. It confirms the fine achievements of our research & development and marketing teams."



Dolomite has been working with alpine professionals since 2004, when its R&D department, coordinated by Paolo Poloniato, developed the Eagle boot with a group of mountain guides. From 2007 to 2009, in collaboration with CNSAS, it developed the Falcon High Evo Gtx for helicopter rescue, and the Cougar Gtx line for alpine rescue and expert climbers.

All footwear is tested in the field under the harshest conditions and perfected through interaction with the more than 50 mountain guides of the Dolomite team (including SNATE instructors), who now extend throughout Italy.

Thanks to the renewed agreement, CNSAS and SNATE professionals will be fitted out with the latest Dolomite collection: Cougar HP Pro Gtx (winter 2010), Cougar HP Gtx winner of the Outdoor Industry Award 2009 and Cougar SS Gtx, three HT styles that are today's most advanced mountain boots in terms of comfort, technology, performance and safety; Falcon Evo High Gtx, the most lightweight shoe suitable for semi-automatic crampons on the market; and the multifunctional Scramble Low (with Vibram sole) and Sparrow Low, for less challenging situations requiring lightness, comfort and agility.