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Dolomite and La Venta Team in the caves of Chiapas, Mexico

A speleological expedition of La Venta team looking for marvellous big caves in the Mexican area of Chiapas


Chiapas is a well known area for La Venta Association that has been here several times. Here the Italian speleologists discovered lots of caves; among them the Cueva of Rio La Venta, 14 km of great galleries, wells, rooms.

From the 27th of March to the 29th of April 16 italians, a Spanish and 5 mexicans, splited into 3 groups, took part to this adventurous travel.

The expedition aimed at different goals: going back to the Ombligo del Mundo, in the heart of the forest, in order to take images and film all the surroundings; exploring the Lázaro Cárdenas settlement moving to the north, to the rancho Valle Acosta area; exploring the big Cueva del Puercoespín, discovered by the Grupo Espeleológico Jaguar of Tuxtla Gutierrez and later by La Venta Team.

During the trip great exciting discoveries. Once again Dolomite was at their side to face together new challenges.

Participants: Clarice Acqua, Giorgio Annichini, Carla Corongiu, Vittorio Crobu, Umberto Del Vecchio, Paolo Forconi, Massimo Liverani, Salvatore Manca, Valerio Olivetti, Andrea Pasqualini, Natalino Russo, Carlos Sánchez, Francesco Sauro, Luca Sgamellotti, Stefano Soro, Giovanni Todini, Roberto Trevi, Lucas and Manuel.

Images Credits: La Venta Archive - Natalino Russo, Luca Sgamellotti, Carla Corongiu, Vittorio Crobu, Valerio Olivetti 

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