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"EDUCATION IS A RIGHT". Since 2001, we’ve continued helping this miracle school.

Because for the children of Rangdum, getting to school is like climbing a mountain. There is only one school and it is located at an altitude of 4000m. The only, very rough road to the school is closed from November to April because of the severe winter weather.

The children who numbered twenty are now eighty. The classes that numbered two are now eight.

The school has been recognized by the Indian government, but the state-employed teachers assigned to Rangdum don’t go there because of the isolation and hardship, so the teachers are still hired privately.

Through a donation to the Rangdum Gonpa Cultural and Welfare Society, which works to help the local population, Dolomite will contribute to ensuring regular school lessons, the presence of teachers, classroom cleaning and school meals.

The Rangdum school opens every year in late April and closes in late October. It can only remain open during the summer months, as life at Rangdum stops between October and April when the only access road closes and nobody can go in or out. Snow halts all activity, and all the inhabitants and their animals stay shut indoors for six months. Finally, with a great deal of work and satisfaction, the winter of 2008 saw the first of Rangdum’s children arriving in Leh to stay until April. The winter school has begun!

The original school building became too small, so in 2008, after endless bureaucratic red tape including, above all, the demonstration of the smooth operation of the school, the Indian government built a new, larger building and sent desks. Now the space is more livable, but unfortunately the costs of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance must be shouldered by the local community, so it is necessary to put aside some economic resources to deal with any repairs as they arise (and with snow damage, there are always things to fix).


Dolomite For Rangdum” is a concrete commitment made by the company to sustain the school and spread the word about the project in hopes that more people will come to help in this great endeavor. Dolomite is total financing of the winter school for at least three years.