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At the top of Mt Elbrus with Dolomite

20.05.2010, 13.30 pm: Aldo Felici reaches the Mt Elbrus peak(5.643 mt) with Dolomite Cougar Pro Gtx FW 010

After 4 days of wind and snow at 4150 mt blocked in a resort, on the 20th of May 2010 at 13.30 pm, Aldo Felici, Dolomite sales manager, reached Mt Elbrus peak, the highest mount of Europe (in the Central Caucasus).

25km/h Wind, -28 C° temperature and 1500mt height difference didn’t prevent him to successfully complete this adventure.

Aldo was wearing Dolomite Cougar Pro Gtx FW 010: congratulations Aldo and great result for Dolomite, a new challenge has been won!!!