Dolomite Anatomic System

DAS – Dolomite Anatomic System is the design system used to produce all the new Dolomite models and designs in the outdoor footwear sector.

The Dolomite R&D department, on the strength of decades of experience in the specific area of footwear and thanks to support from a team committed to ongoing in-field tests on the design solutions, has devised a system of design and engineering which is based on the anatomy of the human foot and leads to constructional solutions able to guarantee levels of comfort and accurate fit never achieved before in outdoor footwear.

In all types of use, from the toughest mountaineering expeditions to low-difficulty trekking and multi-sport activities, Dolomite is the first to introduce into the world of outdoor footwear solutions featuring this system, able to provide end users with an experience which exceeds all expectations in all use situations.

DAS benefits:
  • reduction in stress on the spinal column, joints (hip, knee, ankle, instep) and the neck area.*
  • reduction in fatigue.*
  • increase in physical well-being and comfort.*

* Findings of sample tests carried out with mountain guides from Cortina and Campiglio.

The DAS last, fits your feet like a glove.
The last is the heart of footwear.
The pattern, profile and proportions of the last designed according to DAS standards closely follow the natural shape of the foot, unlike the traditional last which has a flat and unshaped design.This translates into an internal volume with unprecedented precision which gives the user the sensation of wearing made-to-measure footwear.

Main Benefits:
  • highest level of ergonomic design
  • totally accurate fit
  • ideal support for all areas of the foot

The DAS structure, a truly anatomical system.
Anatomical wedge and arch support.
The wedge and footbed are essential for guaranteeing optimal wrapping of the foot in the footwear and at the same time following the curved lines ofthe anatomical last: the result is an ideal support for the areas of the foot which need it, such as the instep and metatarsus. All this then leads, duringmovement, to absorption and release of the energy with an unprecedented gradual effect, conveying superior sensations of comfort and precision.

Fit and function.
The reversed positioning of the wedge in EVA with the mounting insole creates the most comfortable fit and walking on all types of terrain.The anatomical shape thus offers safety, precision and control of pace in every condition.

Main Benefits:
  • absorption and gradual release of energy
  • perfect balance between flexibility and torsion
  • maximum stability in every use situation

Sandwich construction.
  1. Anatomical footbed
  2. Anatomical wedge in double-density EVA
  3. Attachment for crampon
  4. Midsole in nylon
  5. Shock absorber in PU
  6. Anatomical rubber sole