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This range of footwear, offering an assortment of particularly comfortable models made with selected materials to ensure high quality, is designed to meet all requirements whether on demanding hikes or on more relaxing walks...



The Lifestyle collection draws its inspiration from the historic world of Dolomite, and from its great, heart-stirring moments. Vintage design combines with an attentive eye to comfort, to create shoes with a sleek, minimal line in which attention to detail and selection of top-class materials express a cosmopolitan spirit, making them suitable for numerous different uses and occasions.



Since the masters shoemakers in 1897, the history of Dolomite has been rich in successes in the outdoor area, carried on with a special love for the mountains and nature.
Since 1897 Dolomite has been translating adventure into style and design, urged by the will to be part of extraordinary expeditions.



Gear is essential to ensure greater safety, even on more difficult tracks. That’s why Dolomite offers a wide range of backpacks, trekking poles and socks, ideal for use when hiking in the mountains.