Dolomite for Rangdum

scuola rangdum

News from the field

Also for next winter, the school of Rangdum will move to Leh, thanks to the generous donation of the Dolomite company. This is really what "makes the difference! " The teachers emphasize and underline how much is important that children can study in a different and more stimulating context. Dolma Chozom, the teacher who has been following them since 2006, is excited about this initiative. She says it should be mandatory for all schoolchildren to go to Leh for winter. "Students see different people in Leh, become curious, take more courage, they learn to speak frankly and confide in teachers, they become more proactive and brilliant. It’s amazing to see how living together in more stimulating environment, helps them to have more self confidence”. The winter school is also a great school of life.

insegnanti scuola rangdum

Private teachers recruitment

Unfortunately, the problem of teachers persists every year: Rangdum is a remote place, isolated, without comforts... and there are no teachers willing to go up there, where they cannot move for 6 months, where they have no electricity and where cell phones do not work. This year only three teachers have accepted the ministerial office: one permanent and two temporary, but , three teachers for eight classes, are just inadequate. We proceeded to take two other teachers privately so that in five, the teachers are able to better manage the eight classes, with the hope that the number of pupils increases to justify the employment of eight teachers for eight classes in the future.